Wu-Tang Clan & Jimi Hendrix – Black Gold

Mashups are always a gamble, especially when taking songs from wellestablished musicians. They have the potential to be brilliant reinterpretations of beloved fan favourites, or disastrous clashes that were better left alone. Fortunately, Tom Caruana is well aware of this risk and has carefully produced yet another outstanding mashup album of two legendary forces in black music – Jimi Hendrix and the WuTang Clan. Having received widespread online acclaim for his previous release WuTang vs. The Beatles: Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers, this latest offering on Tea Sea Records, titled Black Gold is a unique reawakening of two timeless artists, infusing Hendrixs warm and dusty guitar riffs with the ferocious verses of the Wu; all complemented by original, solid beats. Though perhaps not as hooky as its predecessor, this release is just as inventive, and serves as a warm welcome back to the roots of some of the worlds finest rock and hiphop music. I anticipate that there are big things on Caruanas horizon.

Tom Caruana - Black Gold