DJ Dexxx1

Some months ago INFX featured a short tribute mix by DJ Dexxx1 to the late Gangstarr MC Guru. This time we return to the turntable maestro (and beatboxer/ drummer) on a lighter note; to check out the skills our man was droppin during a practice routine back at his place last night.

One of the true underground hiphop DJs on the West Coast, Los Angeleno DJ Dexxx1 AKA DJ Dexterity is a keen fan of the late JDilla, and frequently drops Dillas beats during his sets and routines all about L.A. Dexxx says of Dillas productions that “the  type of rawness on the beat among others shows you not only does Dilla have that Neo soul,The Ummah, SV type soul on lock, but he also has a dark rugged steez as well in his repertoire. Rip to in my opinion the illest beat maker in hip hop history...” and you can hear it as he tells it in this miniroutine right here:


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