Other Cinema

Hailing from San Francisos Mission District Other Cinema (orOC‘) is an alternative film & video production, performance, and distribution network that brings a voice to the Media Arts community. This countercultural outfit has been operating for nigh on 30 years, and it continues to spearhead Fine Arts filmmaking. Craig Baldwin established this vanguard of underground cinema under a range of names from 1978, because he “didnt see anything coming up from the ground that ended up on the screens. Since then, OC has developed into an artistic collective led by a dedicated team of curators and artists. Other Cinema continues to enhance FilmMedia Arts projects in the Bay Area; which of course flourishes elsewhere due to the renowned esteem of OC.

Currently, Other Cinema is in the midst of a Benefit initiative, to raise money for their operations. As part of the fundraising effort, they have compiled the video below, to engage with the public in what the OC has going on: