Alberto Nolac

We hit Signore Alberto up for a quick Q&A the other day and the man was happy enough to share his thoughts with us. Here we have one of the best in the business: a heavyweight of the European graff scene in general, and Italy in particular. Nolac comes from Vicenza, a pretty hiptothegame town between Verona and Venice, in Italys Veneto region. He recently kicked some arse in the global Meeting Of Styles event, this year hosted by Venice.

INFX: Was this years Meeting Of Styles in Venice the first time youve participated in MOS?

NOLAC: No, Ive been taking part to MOS since 2003.

INFX: Cool. Have you travelled with your art very much?

NOLAC: Yes, I travelled a lot. Ive been all over Europe and I had the chance to meet and paint with some of the most influent people involved in the graffiti world. In the 2010 I took part in an exhibition with the legendary Martha Cooper and in 2011 with the master TKid.

INFX: Martha Cooper, Eh? That wouldve been a real privledge. You use various monikers including SHOW‘, TACO‘, and ABE‘ (among others) –why do you write so many different names?

NOLAC: I write several tags because its useful to improve my skills and to develop my own style. Sometimes its even boring using and writing always the same name.

INFX: Nice, mix it up a bit Youve been using Ironlak a bit but do you really think it is the best paint? What are your favourite cans?

NOLAC: Sometimes I paint with Ironlak. Most of the colors are nice and the pressure level is as good as the old Montana Hardcore. They are very clean.

INFX: Where do you see yourself (and your art) in 5 years time?

NOLAC: Honestly I dont know. I have no plans, I mean, Ill be painting for sure but graffiti is not my job, its just a hobby.
Recently I havent been painting as much as in the past because my job get me very busy. By the way graffiti is and will always be a need to me.

Frrresh! A big thanks to Alberto for taking the time out to chat.

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