Two Women (Sophia Loren)

What better way to start off the new year than with a fulllength, classic feature film?

Sophia Loren stars in this 1960 cinematic gem by one of Italys most successful and prolific filmmakers. Vittorio De Silva (Bicycle Thieves, Generale della Rovere) wrote the screenplay and directed this film during the height of his career. It again visits his common thematics: namely in the tragic framing of love, sex, and courage amidst a setting of adversity. The film was highly contentious at the time of its release as it contained imagery considered highly graphic at the time. Loren recieved a Best Actress Oscar for her role; the first time a foreign film had recieved the honour. The 25 yearold had until this point been a sucessful model, but had acted only in minor roles. The film marked a turing point in her career; as she shot to International stardom after Two Women and itsHollywood acclaim. Enjoy.