El Mac

Im not hugely into graffiti art, but every once in a while an artist will grab my attention and remind me why spraypaint is so versatile to work with. One such artist is Miles Mac Macgregor, better known by his pseudonym El Mac. Hailing out of Los Angeles, El Mac has become an established name in the street art community and has an incredible repertoire of murals all over the world. His styles and methods are as flexible as his canvas, creating a number of pieces on both brick and paper, using spraypaint and brushwork. Most notable is his distinct style of grooving line patterns through the images to create alines in the sand effect. The result is nothing short of astonishing, and his latest work for purchase titled The Prayer demonstrates his ability to create a flood of emotion straight from the canvas. Watch out Banksy, theres a new kid on the block!

El Mac's