Iepe Rubingh

Iepe Rubingh is a Dutch installation and performance artist. He currently lives and works in Berlin and has been a practicing artist for just over a decade. Hes renowned for his The Joker Performances whereby he has shut down and disrupted traffic at busy intersections around the world. One such production caused traffic gridlock in Tokyo; for which he receieved a jail sentence of 10 days (which he had no choice but to serve). Below is a video from his 2010 Painting Reality series. In this video some 500 Litres of waterbased (nonSolvent) paint is splashed over the Rosenthaler Platz in central Berlin. The resulting artwork serves as both a nod to Action Painters such as Jackson Pollock; but also invokes questions about the environment. However, despite itsovert political overtones; this artwork is splendid to view: