Aeon Oner

Aeon is one of Europes emerging Street Art talents. His styles range from blockbuster through wildstyle and the abstract. This Belgianbased graffiti artist has joined the ranks of those giving hard evidence to INFX about their exploits and endeavours:

INFX: Quelle est la force de la scène graff en Belgique?
Aeon: She is very diverse, we may as well hold back the [old] school, new school, the organic or wild style. Given its industrial past, Belgium has many abandoned buildings, which allows us to move on surfaces diversified and come to the frescoes of [many] sizes. Many more urban festivals are based on the graffiti which allows us to showcase our style.

INFX: Je suis creuser votre plateau de skate. Y atil un intérêt à travailler avec les marques de skate locales ou grand?
Aeon: Yes, because it could lead to changing the image of the skate by the combination with graffiti; it could breathe new life into the movement. It is also good to work with both: local stores allow us to share in the region while industrial [companies] open more doors. I have a preference for the more industrial, but I do not neglect the local stores.

INFX: Quelle est la chose la plus effrayante qui soit arrivé à vous tandis que la peinture?
Aeon: One night on the subway lines, marking a room in elevation with the aid of a ladder. My hand touched the high voltage line and 1,500 volts went through my body; I think it’s my most frightening. I know I got lucky.

INFX: Où habitez-vous? Avec des amis? Dans la ville? Banlieues?
Aeon: I rent an apartment in the city alone.

INFX: Dans un (ou deux) mot, comment qualifieriezvous décrit votre art?
Aeon: Aggressive and malleable. I want to make a dedication 13, GAV, AKF, D2K, P50, B80, V2T and everyone I do not have room to quote because the list is long

Oui un grand merci à Aeon et son posse! Voir les vraies affaires. Regarder les photos:

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