Original Mould

BEING an artist can be tough. You’re up against so many others and the pressure to please an audience can be enough to send you into a clichéd height of madness. This is why we bring to you some clever tips from the industry’s best: Just Another Agency. Founding partner Toby shares 5 tips for all you budding artists out there.

TIP1: Be yourself – Don’t try and force your work to be like everyone else’s -have your own unique voice. That is what will always set you apart.

TIP2: Personality – Personality is key. The more you throw your personality into a project the better. You need to be connected to your work. Allow people so see a little piece of you with every email, sketch or painting.

TIP3: Motivation: Most, if not all artists will struggle with motivation at some point in their artistic career, find out what…

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