It was splendid to meet the guys from Givers –they were very cheerful, attentive, and courteous. But when they hit the stage last night at The Corner Hotel all that changed. Their indie pop form of psychedelic & melodic rock sashayed from the whimisical to a thrashed out, totally heavy progrock finale. They were clearly focussed upon the music only, and not mere pleasantries. The band hails from Lafayette, Louisiana in the deep South, but the vocals (mostly by the enchanting Tiffany Lamson and guitarist Taylor Guarisco) are geographically much more varied; perhaps in need of a definitive style. And although theyre touring sideshows off the back of the Laneway Festival and doubleheadlining with Portugal. The Man I believe this young group is still in its formative stage. Its not simply their melding of styles; but Givers are incompetent in much of their vocal endeavours, and they perhaps need some kind ofhookorthreadin their style that will help define their identity. Regardless, and despite my opine that their hit Up, Up, Up is tired and motionless, they did in fact strut their varied talents quite well and Im still revelling in the fact they were such a nice group of novice rockstars! Have a listen to Meantime and see what you think: