BetterWith TwoFingers

We caught up with French graffer and Street Artist BetterWith TwoFingers, and hit him up with a bit of a quick Q&A on where hes at dans ce monde:

INFX: These days you’ve made pasteups your street art medium Why the departure from aerosol?
BW2F: I choose this way because Ive always been inspired by the power of images and their impact in the streets, on books or other medias. The fact is I used to make graffitis for a long time with a crew and pasteups were a good way to mix others kind of techniques and to express more ideas. And of course, the penalties are less expensive for pasteups than for sprayinin the streets.
INFX: You get around Europe a bit. Where are we most likely to see your work?
BW2F: Ive travelled a little bit in Europe for example in Amsterdam and recently in Austria, but you can most likely see my works in France in cities such as Lyon, Paris, Grenoble and some others cities but also in deserted areas just because the spot was cool enough for me.
INFX: So when in Paris well keep our eyes peeled! Now, Why do you make street art?
BW2F: I only love streets and cities for two things: makinand seeina lot of street art stuff and makinskateboard. StreetArt is the way of expressinmyself, sharinwith others and meetinpeople even they dont have any relations with StreetArt, and also its a concrete jungle adventures at each time.
INFX: Do you have a day job what kind of work?
BW2F: Im workinin a library.
INFX: Buried in the books! What is your favourite pizza?
BW2F: Good question!!! Calzone of course!

Well, that answers the question of what Im having for dinner tonight. Merci, BW2F and all the best!

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