Primary Suspects (Reka)

What would the Melbourne graff scene be without our beloved Reka? Itd have nothing on the contemporary Euros or Californians that’s for sure. I remember riding the Franga/ Dandy line back in 2002; everyday relishing the Reka characters adorning the embankment walls along the linesparticularly between South Yarra and Malvern.
The once elusive Reka has since inspired legions of nextgeneration writers and toys, whilst building an artistic practice that has seen him adorn the walls & galleries of New York, San Fran, LA, Berlin etc. One of the founding members of the EverFresh Crew and Skinny White Boys stalwart, Reka continues to aspire to great heights, luckily, taking us punters along for the ride! Now, witness the Primary Suspects show at the nucleus of Melbs fine art graffiti community: Backwoods Gallery  2nd until 18th March, Easey St. Collingwood: