Tokyo Tower


Tokyo is full of iconic locations and landmarks, and to list them all would take a stupidly long time. However, without a doubt, my favourite icon would be Tokyo Tower. Sure, there are a lot of things that catch the eye in places like Harajuku and Shibuya; but Tokyo Tower offers something that the others (in my opinion) simply cant matchthe view.

Standing at a height of 333 metres, it is the tallest selfsupporting steel tower in the world. Originally built for broadcasting purposes, the tower nestled in ShibaKoen now serves as a popular tourist destination, whilst remaining a principal provider of digital and analog broadcasts. Visitors are treated to a 360degree view of Tokyo from the main and special observation decks. In a country where a lot of time is spent walking backstreets and traveling in underground subways, the view from Tokyo Tower offers a new perspective on what the city is truly like. People become the size of ants, and the buildings resemble Lego blocks stacked tightly (and somewhat chaotically) together. It makes you realise how small you really are in an electric metropolis.

If you ever have the good fortune of going to Japan, make sure visiting Tokyo Tower is on your list of todo things.