Food & Wine Festival: String Garden

As part of a recent Public Art class, I was required to assume the identity of a Botanist. This was in order to conduct a site assessment relating to Public Art, from a botanical perspective. Initially, I interviewed half a dozen wait staff, a chef, and an owner at the restauarants in the precinct. Some claimed Fed Square lacked foliage and plant life; while others insisted that the trees should be shorn down. And believe it or notthese types thought the trees should be lopped off so that their patrons could view the Jumbo Screen playing sports and such in the centre of the square.

Fortunately, though, I scored a coup in noticing a hanging garden installation in the square and approached those milling about it. I met Paul Hyland (from Glasshaus Nursery in Richmond), and he was happy to provide an overview of the projectwith an inadvertant summary of the site itself; pertaining to a botanical Public Art piece. Thanks again Paul!