Audible Deterrence (Byron Dean)

Byron Dean is at once a contradiction of the personal and the emotive: he presents himself as an endearing, thoughtful and attentive fellow. However, the sounds you will absorb at his behest are something far more brazen. Although this Fine Arts (Sound) student can in fact cushion you with lovingly crafted (and soothing) rhythms; more often than not youre in for a demolition of the dulcet. You may have been wise enough to check out Circle Jerk late last year; wherein Byron joined his Wrong Room cohorts in melding the soundform to profound extremities of manipulation.

In Audible Deterrence Byron exhibits asubjective experience that promises to confront the somewhat subliminal and often insidious use of sound and music in the commercial environment. Deterrence presents you withsounds that repel, invite, mask and discomfort” –making you at once aware of the intent; but all the while leaving you, the spectator, to absorb and deciphercypherat your leisure!

Audible Deterrence: Until 31st March at Bus Projects (WedSat), Basement 673 Bourke St. City.