The Table (Karbido)

Polish 6piece Karbido has for the past week presented an interesting array of sounds as part of their season at The Spiegeltent. The Table is a live performance piece that takes an everyday object, literally the kitchen table, and turns it into a musical instrument. The sounds range from the indigenous to the mainstream; something of a journey through 24 hours of music, experienced simultaneously around the planet. The men that comprise the performance part of the group trounce their fists through the sublime and bombastic; using various sound manipulation devices: effects pedals, strings, microphones, a couple of wine glasses and a coin. Another 2 poles are behind the scenes, orchestrating this aural curiosity from behind the expanse of a 96channel mixer.

The show is one of the best of the Spiegel season, culminating in a final performance tonightat 9pm –dont miss it!