FruitJam (Narcoze)

Narcoze is a European street artist from Holland. His techniques ranges from illustrative to aersolbased endeavours. Much of his work references escapism and works inspired by the way people try to escape their own reality. We recently hit Narcoze up on the FruitJam production he formulated and participated in; alongside fellow Euro street artists and graffers including Edo Rath, Simian Switch, Klik, Ominous, 524, Amik, CES53, Bust, and Sivanksi among others.

INFX: What got the FruitJam project started?
Narcoze: Mutual friends just got together to paint at this place called LerenDoen which literally means learning, doing. So its a place where teenagers learn skills, when otherwise they might not have a chance to learn these things. Keepsem off the streets and not turn into thugs and graffiti writers [😉]

INFX: How did the artists relate to each other?
Narcoze: Most of us know each other from the graffiti or street art scene, even though they are very different from each other theres still a bond which will bring us together to paint at spots like these.

INFX: Do you have any future collabs on the horizon?
Narcoze: Not anything big planned at the moment but we try to get together in the weekends and just paint as often as we can. Good to get the juices flowing.

INFX: Whats special about the graff scene in Europe?
Narcoze: I think the most important thing that stands out in European graff is that people from all over europe can easily meet up with each other and learn from each others style.

Thanks to Narcoze for allowing time to give us the wordup on the FruitJam project. Check the video: