Espionage vs. Racket: Clark

Faithful trouper of the Warp Records stable Clark hits Revolt Artspace in Kensington on Tuesday, 24th April. Clark headlines an electronica event that promises to deliver the goods. Bear witness also to Sarah Phelan dropping a producer/ dj showcase, Chiara Kickdrum performing a Live set, and spills & thrills by a chorus of other electro heartstoppers including JPS, Matt Radovich, Fugitive, Xian, Pselodux, and Jacob Silver.

Clark is also on site to launch his new album Iradelphic and offers an impressive AudioVisual show too. The Iradelphic release is one smooth record: delivering a minacious electro sound that Clark describes as “looming, ambiguous, radiant whole, invincible, complete. Doors open at 6pm –so get on down early as its going to be a fullyrounded evening of aural enjoyment. Enjoy this video clip of Black Stone from the forthcoming album: