Hayley Walker (Sketch)

Sketch has just returned to Melbourne after a prolonged stint in the UK and Brisbane. She is quite an accomplished artist; having held shows in both London and Melbourne. Also having her shit together in a big way; the minute Hayley is back in town shes already got her works up on the walls at The Lounge on Swanston. I went down there the other night to meet this artistic upstart, and check out her works. And theyre very fine indeed (as youll see below). Hayley was also nice enough to provide us with a few wise words:
INFX: Whats been happening for the last few years?
Hayley: Ive spent a good part of that time working on the body of my International show Ego (or Alter Ego) which was what I called it when I took it to London.
INFX: How was the London scene does it still inspire your work?
Hayley: The networks that I made there [are] a very important asset in this field of work. In terms of inspiration, I left feeling more inspired towards the graffiti art I do, as I spent a lot of time with street artists including close friends of Banksy.
INFX: I see. Well, youre back in Melbourne and have hit the ground running what else is in store for us?
Hayley: I am currently organising a collaborative Melbourne based graffiti show with local talent here, which will hopefully be showing in August.
INFX: And what have you been up to in the Studio?
Hayley: I am currently working on one large piece, in more of my linear, black and white busy composition style, which I am aiming to exhibit around November this year.
The Ego works will don The Lounge walls until 8th May; so be sure to checkem out next time youre having a drink or three up there.

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