Phibs ~&~ Beastman

Billed as “two separate and intrinsically connected exhibitions, this show brings together the organic and superflous styles of Melbourne and Sydney graff artist elite. Phibs is arguably the most wellknown graff artist in Melbourne todayyoud have seen his works gripping the walls of, particularly, the innerNorthside of Melbourne throughout the last decade. No doubt about it.
By comparison, Beastman is a heavyhitting Sydneysider that has a C.V. boasting shows in London, N.Z., Berlin and across Australia. His works take a more organic approach than Phibs: the artist fascinated by the molecular structures and patterns found in the natural environment.
Together their blockbuster show includes a fasinating mêlée of found objects, canvas, drawing, and works from the Beastman Natural Progression project and Phibs Perfectly Imperfect suite.

It all begins this Friday 27th April from 6pm

Backwoods Gallery: 25 Easey St, Collingwood.

House of Bricks: 40 Budd St, Collingwood.