Rodrigo Prieto

Today we visit the cinematography of Rodrigo Prieto. In the 2009 Pedro Almodovar film Broken Embraces; the audience is mesmerised and flawed by Prietos fascinating imagery. His camera work and visual motivations, I believe, make it the most influential and admired film that I have ever seen. A major compulsion for Prieto is that of portraiture in the moving image: Broken Embraces contains endless character inquisitions using this method (portraiture in film). It is thus imperative to note Prietos previous work on Spike Lees 2002 film 25th Houra film I also count as highly regarded. The visual stylisation of this film is epitomised by lockeddown video shots and ultra colour saturation (or over exposure). Prieto pioneered this aesthetic to an extent; in his portraiture of the characters surrounding Edward Norton (as Monty Brogan; our protagonist in the film). Prieto also shot the 2002, politicallycharged Frida, and also the series of Alejandro González Iñárritu films comprising the 2010 Biuitiful, 2006s Babel, 2003s 21 Grams and 2000s Amores Perros. Amores Perros is also a film whose visual style has profoundly informed my visual dynamic or perspective of the moving image.