Angelica Mesiti

You have but one day to visit Mesitis most recent work Citizens Band at the ACCA New 12 show before it finishes tomorrow. Her installation consists of 4 single channel video art works, and a 5th compositional piece. It features 4 people of nonEuropean heritage composing traditional song. An Asian man outside a convenience store playing the erhu, an African cabbie whistling a traditional tune, another African (female) composing music using the splashing of water and, finally, an Arabic (or North African) immigrant singing a tune from his homeland, with the aid of a basic keyboard. 3 of these were filmed in Sydney, with the final piece featuring the Arabic male shot on the Paris Metro.
At once, you are inclined to reflect upon the situation these immigrants find themselves; inflected is a longing for their homeland and traditional values/ environment. I found the song absolutely lovely, and the scenes well shot. However, I cant help but feel the overriding theme was patronising and all too melancholic for my liking. But I guess thats one for you to judge yourself: the works in themselves worth the visit to ACCA.

Otherwise, you can also view parts of the work during this ACCA Artist interview: