Dire Straits (Walk of Life)

Dire Straits is the most iconoclast 80s band; particularly in regard to a Pommy cockrockinnew wave genre. The founding members, Knopler brothers Mark & Dave, musically constructed their claim to the advent of the 80sperhaps contenders as the continental mirror of a prepubescent Talking Heads. Walk Of Life first appeared on the UK Single for So Far Away; the acclaimed seminal track from the Brothers In Arms album. However, the tracks upbeat popblues  appeal was such that Walk Of Life is itself became so renowned as to warrant its own music video; partly shot in the London Underground:

The introduction to this track dispels, though, the inferiority of the musical production values employed by Dire Straits. Although we must, authenticallyevaluate the Straits as a fantastic pop music achievement: it must be said that their simplistic and characteristic 145 arrangements epotimise their drab rhythmic endeavours.