Space is the Place (Sun Ra)

Sun Ra comes from the other side of time. He descended from Saturn and graced himself upon contemporary American society in the 1970s; after commandeering the persona of jazz pianist Herman Blount. John Coneys film Space is the Place documents a reinterpretation of Sun Ra and his Arkestra as they descend upon the Earth in their musicallypropelled spacecraft. Sun Ra is then depicted on film (starring himself) in his quest to save his contemporary ancestors from the destruction of Earth. The Arkestra performs sweeping polyrhythmic grooves and Sun Ra poignantly offers the wisdom of the cosmos to all he encounters.

The film (featured below in it’s entirety) is a cult classic and offers an insight into the world of the celestial, ancientEgyptian mythology that Sun Ra has mirrored through his transit to and from Saturn. Samples from the film can be found amongst a plethora of music, most notably The Irresistible Force track Another Tomorrow (Ninja Tune).