Graffiti: SE Asia 3

Last year, I visited Indonesia and Malaysia. During my incredible visit, I was impressed by the everincreasing writing on the wall throughout my trip; with particular focus on the scene in Jogjakarta. Indonesias second city is remarkably chill in comparison to the big durian that is Jakarta and their thriving arts scene is testament to this. I met some wonderful people there, kicked back at the citys newly opened, boho chic, Oxen Free bar and the next day I trekked up to the magnificent Borobudur stupa for a spectacular sunrise. Jogja is also home to some talented musiciansfrom electro through hardcore and hiphop. Sydney MC Rima Le Drifter was able to point me in the direction of some of the local rap talent and I have included 2 fresh tracks in the video below by Rotra and Dumbstah respectively: