During the Second World War Japan invaded the Netherlands colony of the Dutch East Indies (the Indoneisan archipelago). Following the Japanese surrender to the Dutch at the end of the war, some 3000 Japanese soldiers remained in Indonesia and went underground to fight with anticolonial revoultionaries. These Japanese mercenaries assisted in the rebellion against the Dutch and are still celebrated in the Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetary in Jakarta (where this video is shot). Most of the Japanese remained in their adopted state and their families continue to contribute to the national diaspora. At times this Japanese influence often undermined the repressive Suharto regime that wrestled power from the original architects of the revolution (i.e. Soekarno) and imposed a nationalistic fervour that brought death and decay to the nation.

Econasia 6: Vicissitude
Video 430 2012
Japanese with English subtitles
Sound: Jonathon Nokes | Vox: Jun Miyagi | Text: Soekarno 1967