Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013)


What else might be levelled at this former UK Prime Minister apart from miserable and machined governance? Answer: She was a great leader. Maggie emerged as a supreme instrument in maligning the unionempowered worker; particularly in the late 1970s. Supporters of the worker equate her rule with loathsome policy and exploitative labour mechanisms. However, those championing the macroeconomic boon during this time were but equivocally impressed by the acumen and rapturous decisiveness applied by this woman. The fact that Thatcher was able to mobilise and execute a war in the Falklands is equally a cause for disdain, baulk; and a characteristic insight into this womans ability to flaw her party and dictate her country: an occurrence rare in liberal democracies.
Upon her death one might reflect upon her atrocious acts of war; against both foreign and domestic state. But it might also give charge to averting illwill to the dead and a reflection upon the historical significance of The Iron Lady for better or worse