Bullet Train for Australia Party


Saturday is the 2013 Australian Federal Election. This year sees the culmination of a political dead heat: the choice between the drab and the drudgery. There is an alternative to placating the major parties: Vote for the Bullet Train party (BTFA).
This party is, as the name suggests, a singleissue platform that will send an imperative to Canberrathat is: invest in highspeed rail infrastructure. HighSpeed Rail (HSR) has been mooted by successive governments for over 25 years and this weeks announcement by Rudd is no exception to the charade. Neither major party has paid more than lip service to this muchneeded environmental, social, and national improvement project. Were told we are experiencing a boon in mining revenue: but what of the benefits? A handful of road projects and cash for the status quo? Not good enough.
the Bullet Train for Australia Party will not preference any other political parties. The party is not aligned with either of the majors; as theyve continually neglected to make HSR happen. The SydneyMelbourne air traffic route is the 3rd busiest in the world & only increasing. Our roads struggle to handle freight and passengertravel services. With a cohesive party platform, the Bullet Train party has a refined and detailled policy structure that will make this project happen. BTFA are fielding candidates for both the Lower House and the Senate. Imagine living somewhere like Wagga Wagga and being able to commute to Melbourne for work in an hour? Catch HSR to Tullamarine Airport in minutes.

We must invest for the future and this party is our voice. Vote #1 for the Bullet Train Party.