Future Memorials

TarraWarra Museum of Art is nestled up in the serene and picturesque Yarra Valley. The museum was set up 10 years ago and runs as a notforprofit initiative showcasing post1950s Australian contemporary art. Future Memorials is a fascinating crosscultural ensemble featuring some of Australias leading indigenous and nonindigenous artists, who have collaborated in producing the works. The exhibition was commissioned by TWMA and features Tom Nicholson, Aunty Joy Wandin Murphy & Jonathan Jones and is the first exhibition in a continuing series.
As the museum is located in close proximity to Coranderrk, the former Aboriginal Station, this site features heavily in the context of the works and coincides with the 150ᵗʰ anniversary of the station. Coranderrk was the first land commisioned by the Colony of Victoria in 1863 and remains crucial in both epitomising the dispossession of Aboriginals from their land and also their subsequent struggle for selfdetermination. It is at Coranderrk that the ramifications of Batmans treaty (or the invasion of Wurundjeri land) in 1835 were most directly felt. It is a site that galvanised Aborigines in Victoria to fight against ethnic cleanising, brutal colonial treatment and the survival of their race and culture; and of the Wurundjeri people in particular.

Future memorials invite

Future Memorials runs at TWMA between 19 October 2013 and 9 February 2014