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Asio is interested in image construction and transforming the real, through the use of technology, into personal expression. The process he uses involves taking many photos of a subject, which are then printed via a computer onto a material. Asio mainly prints each photo onto 80100gsm A4/A3 papers, which he then glues to walls. Asio feels, “doing art in the streets is quite handy and fun. By wheat pasting my posters, I am able to explore my ideas in a larger scale, curate my work around the area and get my kicks. More recently I’ve been focused on the concept on ‘Apophenia’, which is the experience of seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data. To do this I’ve been taking photos of fabrics that I had laid out in an arrangement that suited me, with the intent of evoking Apophenia in people in the street.” Asio has no formal education in art. Hes self taught anddoesn’t really know why I started or when I’ll finish.”

Asio is featured in the aMBUSH Gallery show Northern Exposure in Sydney during November.