1NS15 Video

1NS15 Video

Coalesce ARI presents One Night Stand II at 524 Flinders St on September 21st from 6pm – 10pm.

It is a one night only event that explores Transient Status through performance, interactive, live and durational installations & exhibits. As part of this event Gracie Slonim, Shae Rooke and Mark Walker  have organised a series of video art screenings by Melbourne artists including Matthew Berka, Alica BrysonHaynes, Xanthe Dobbie, Shae Rooke, Andrew Turland and M T Walker that reflect the themes of the event.



Solvent Libel (Bivouac)

A big thankyou to all those that attended the Bivouac group show we organised at Long Play.
For those that missed out; here is a composite of two videos screened at the exhibition:

Seditious Libel (Vox by Unkown c.1930)
Solvent (Vox by King Burraga, 1933)

Dedicated: Henry Seekamp

HD Video [2012]