Мишка presents: T-world, NYC

Eddie Zammit, creator and publisher of Tworld the worlds one and only Tshirt journal, has focused its latest mega issue on New York City. To celebrate he has joined forces with Мишка for a Friday the 13th issue release party! Head down early and grab not only your copy of Tworld, but your commemorative Tshirt that Мишка has designed just for this event.
7 til 10pm @ Мишка, 350 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY.
Check out the Facebook event for all the details.



NEXT : The future of t-shirt graphics

The tshirt has come a long way. It has evolved into a new form of art and selfexpression. NEXT is the exhibition curated by none other than Melbourne born tshirt aficionado, Eddie Zammit, the creator of the world’s only tshirt mag, TWorld. NEXT asks 20 local and international designers to give their view on what the future holds for tshirt graphics, paired with a portrait of each designer by the amazing photographer Nicole Reed. Eddie explores whats NEXT for the humble T

INFX: How did NEXT come to be part of the Outpost Project?
EZ: aMBUSH Gallery were instrumental in making it part of Outpost. Weve worked on projects before and they saw the vision of the project. Bill and John (owners) deserve a lot of credit for Outpost as a whole.

INFX: How did the collaboration with Nicole Reed come about?
EZ: Nicole Reed and I have been friends for years and weve worked together on this side project for over 3 years. Outpost was the perfect event to exhibit this amazing array of portraits. Nicole Reed has a very bright future you should see her work in the upcoming edition of Tworld!! Wow.

INFX: And so what began your obsession with tshirts?
EZ: My obsession on Tshirts has been an organic process since I was a teenager. One tee led to another, and um, err, I now have over 3,000+ Tshirts.

INFX: What do YOU see as the future for t-shirt graphics?
EZ: The future of Tshirts is all about the graphic, and more about themegeneration. Those who survive will be sitting pretty on the Tshirt pile in 2015. Printfor journals or Tshirts is still alive and kicking.

A big thankyou to Eddie!

NEXT is part of the Outpost Project being held on Cockatoo Island from 4th November 11th December. If youre in Sydney, then get your arse on a ferry to Cockatoo Island and check it out!!!