DJ Dexxx1

Some months ago INFX featured a short tribute mix by DJ Dexxx1 to the late Gangstarr MC Guru. This time we return to the turntable maestro (and beatboxer/ drummer) on a lighter note; to check out the skills our man was droppin during a practice routine back at his place last night.

One of the true underground hiphop DJs on the West Coast, Los Angeleno DJ Dexxx1 AKA DJ Dexterity is a keen fan of the late JDilla, and frequently drops Dillas beats during his sets and routines all about L.A. Dexxx says of Dillas productions that “the  type of rawness on the beat among others shows you not only does Dilla have that Neo soul,The Ummah, SV type soul on lock, but he also has a dark rugged steez as well in his repertoire. Rip to in my opinion the illest beat maker in hip hop history...” and you can hear it as he tells it in this miniroutine right here:



INFX recently caught up with one of NYC’s great artistic talents: VeinOne. A member of the wellrespected Bt (Bronx Team) Crew, Vein was raised throughout New York City, growing up in all 5 boroughs; mostly in Queens. Our main man Vein started getting up proper from 1995 and has gone from strengthtostrength ever since. Here we have the interview wherein we see the story told from the man himself:

INFXYoure a born and bred New Yorkerhow did you start up on the graff scene?

VeinOne: I remember being in 4th grade [and] I would see a couple of my friends practising their throwups. At first, I really didnt take it serious because I was a toy and I didnt really know a lot of writers.

INFXWhat do you think of the current generation of NYC writers?

VeinOne: I think most of the new writers are eager to paint but they have no one to guide them and teach them the history of this art. To the new writers I say everyone pretty much starts off toy but its where you take it from there. Keep doing your thing.

INFXWhat are your main artistic motivations or influences?

VeinOne: I would have to say my crew motivates me. We are a family of creative individuals and we all push each other to produce some dope walls.

INFXHow do you see yourself within theart marketas such?

VeinOne: I would love to make a living off my art, I hate being a starving artist.

INFXWhat new styles are you picking up at the moment, and where are you heading in terms of style and the future in general?

VeinOneLately, Ive wanted to focus more on background scenery painting. Im always open to learning new tricks and techniques or anything that can make me a better artist. As far as my style, well I guess well have to wait and see where it goes because its always evolving one way or the other.

So there you have itAnd keep an eye out for VeinOne Bt hitting up the scene in a big way!

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Secret Wars: Scale vs. Pierre Lloga

Last night brought the noise in the Melbourne Series 2 Semi-Final for Secret Wars.

Pierre Lloga this time went headtohead with his sometime contemporary nemesis and the Round 1 champion, Scale. Despite the fact that the two share a notional bond with one another; Scale held no fear in depicting Pierre as pathetically imprisoned within his handwritten, pencilpushing cell: A caricature buffeting itself with cat icons; typical of Llogas workIn the meantime though, Lloga invoked a graveyardinspired defiance to see to it that Scale in turn was illustrated as the last of the graffer; as encrouched upon by Pierre himself, with the aid of a chainsaw!

In all earnestness: This battle has exhibited the best of art I have witnessed in the series so far.

So without further adieu, please do visit a video of the late evening:

Joshua Wiffen

Drawing upon the graffiti artform, Josh hits his canvas with a depth of colour layers that are quite engrossing. His use of text calligraphy is striking as it brushes up against themes including societal quips, the female form, trashed pop iconoclasts and, perhaps flesh-eating disco zombies from outer space. Extra pursuits to his gallery works include aerosol murals, paste-up’s and the notional tag here or there. However, his creativity rises to the fore using an array of inks and paints on a fixed surface such as canvas or wood.
Wiffen’s visual style marks an awesome creative effort and his works prove themselves worthy of the modest sum that you would hardly expect to pay: that is, they’re a fucken bargain!
Next up, Josh is working on some further mural endeavours (such as that featured below) and he is co-curating major launch/ exhibition It’s Official from the 14th – 21st December 2010 at Gallery: 5 Crown Lane in Wollongong, NSW.

You can contact Josh for wall commissions and artist workshops at:


Original Mould

This weekend heralds the Original Mould Emerging Artists Market. The event will take place at 1000 Pound Bend on Saturday the 6th of November 2010.

This is a truly Melburnian arts feast; featuring the hottest creative minds in a showcase ensemble that is quite simply spectacular.

Original Mould provides a platform for young emerging artists to showcase their designs and the arts community are welcomed through the doors to critique, collect or mingle with the artists. The market begins at 1.00pm with an impressive outlay of contemporary mediums featuring (but not limited to) street art, fashion, design, fine art, printmaking and media arts.

Saturday the 6th November 2010.
1000 Pound Bend located at 361 Little Lonsdale Street.
Doors will open from 1.00pm to 7.00pm.
Live Performances from The Adventure Spirit and by DJ Oakley.

1000 Pound Bend is an underground warehouse with a spacious yet cosy interior, accommodating up to 30 stallholders. The venue provides our patronage with a dynamic atmosphere, with room to have a drink and relax whilst celebrating the future of Melbourne’s inspiring artists.

The market features emerging artists and arts enthusiasts. It gives up-and-coming arts talent an opportunity to sell their merchandise, so don’t be shy to splash some cash.

The market provides a creative arena, bustling crowd, plus live performances from successful local band The Adventure Spirit and also a set spinning discs by DJ Oakley.

Don’t miss out on the insight and intrigue in experiencing Melbourne’s freshest new arts!

Witness the future of our newest artists with Original Mould: Emerging Artists Market.

Gil Scott-Heron

Hello Friends,

As part of my Remix Culture studies I have compiled a video to complement Gil Scott-Heron‘s classic track The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. The video is made up from old Drive-In theatre advertising film reels, in a nod to the postmodern advertising epidemic that is the subject of this track. The music itself is slightly modified, fragmented and mixed to epitomise the repetition of advertising.

Although I have removed nearly all of the companies from the adverts, one still remains: Winston Cigarettes. This particular advertising brand was saved due to the nature of the commercial, but also because of my affection for cigarettes.


The Gift of Gab

Sunday night, Queen’s Birthday Eve.

We ventured into the Richmondia district to check this mad freestyle rapper and stalwart of Quannum, Blackalicious and various solo and collaborative projects. Although expecting an ensemble of guests and a setlist direct from the forthcoming Escape 2 Mars album, the disappointment dissipated somewhat when the Gab started to spit 2 times for your mind with some nice sounds thrown out from DNAEBEATS. The 2-Piece brought a host of classics including Paragragh President, Deception (Don’t Let Money Change Ya), and Make YouFeel That Way among other new hits Lightyears and El Gifto Magnifico from Mars that certainly rocked the crowd well.

Although the hour passed far too quickly; Here is a short freestyle that was bestowed upon an insatiable crowd:

-Rock The Boat