Blue Movie


In the context of cinema, blue walls are inevitably associated with theblue
screen roomand thechroma key effect’ – subjects are recorded in front of a blue
background later to be replaced during postproduction. Blue Movie subverts this
process by concentrating on the materiality of the walls, and therefore disrupting
the illusory effect associated with theblue screen’. Payne discharges a vision of
degradation in which blockbuster escapismcastaway tigers, Ninja Turtles and
James Franco in funny hatsis replaced with the presentness (and perhaps the
bleakness) ofreality’. However, a more sophisticated critique lies in the way in
which it communicates to cinematic video art practices and their relationship to
the art complexa communion crystallised by the emergence of the black cube.
This syncretism remains a highly contested ground, with a blend of various art
historicalwormsand a myriad of filmiccorpsesfertilizing the land.
It may be hard to tell if Jackson Paynes Blue Movie is rotting, sprouting or perhaps
mutating, but his enthusiastic references to mortality bring late Syd Barretts No
Mans Land lyrics to mind: “When I live I die!”.

BLUE MOVIE is at Kings ARI until May 23 at Level 1 / 171 King Street Melbourne

From the essay Jackson Payne and the dematerialization of cinema by Diego Ramirez

Cassie O’Grady – KINGS

Acoustic acts are a dime a dozen in the YouTube age, and its no longer difficult for amateur musicians to pick up their guitars and take to the virtual stage. But finding one with talent, soul, and modesty is another challenge altogether. For the last few years, Adelaide folk musician Cassie OGrady has been establishing a solid fanbase that understands this challenge through relentless performances at the citys live venues. The young songwriters repertoire of uncompromising folkinfluenced tracks, including inventive covers of such artists as Cyndi Lauper and The Romantics is sure to rival some of the major players of the genre. With the upcoming release of her debut EP Kings, recorded and mixed by Adelaides very own punk/folk lovechild Ben David, the rest of the world will soon be exposed to OGradys undeniable musicianship and songwriting capabilities.