Off The Wall

This Tuesday, 4th September Off The Wall is hosted by Workshop. This ensemble of underground graffiti artists and their work begins with a live graffiti session on the opening night. Be sure to get down between 6pm and 9pm to sample the action (and a few nice brews). INFX recently checked a show by curator and exhibitor Hayley Sketch Walkerwhose styles will cushion the event. It promises to be a winner: unique talents will be on display; showcasing works that are just a little bit different to what youd expect from contemporary graffers. Need I say more? Come on down.

Off The Wall: Tuesday, 4th September 6pm9pm at Workshop –upstairs off the corner of Elizabeth & ABeckett


Secret Walls: Melbourne 2012

Thats right, now is the time for all you arts and graff heads to get up in it. The gates are open to field your blockbuster creative nuances to the Secret Walls team. Dont sweat the name change: you will know Secret Wars from the sellout crowds that rocked this live art battle series in 2011. Its the same crew, the same rules and quality competition showdown: but with a new name comin back to rock ya. Submissions are open for the next week onlysee all the details below:

War of the Walls 2011

December again brings the 2nd annual War of the Walls live graffiti battle back to Collingwood. Last years winner, the industrious ADNATE is also back to present the event, fresh from a tourofduty in Berlin. He joins industry judges alongside the definitive Crowd Vote that holds a lamp to the current batch of writers; 5 graffiti upandcoming Kings comprising RAD 11, Ohnoes, Mr Reliable, Eltoasto, and Broes. The 5 finalists will compete in an epic 2 hour aerosol battle, with hiphop and soul breaks on the make by DJ Tom Showtime.

From 7pm at The Void, 135 Wellington St Collingwood Saturday 3rd Dec. Tickets: Click Here.

‘Monk Ey

This is one of the fresh, hiptothegame, young tings runnintings in Mexico City.Monk Ey recently featured in Mexicos Street: Active Lifestyle magazine, mapping out his musical and contemporary cultural endeavours. He has achieved notoriety as the founder of Square Root Of Pi, known officially as √π and along with the Pi posse, theyre lording it over the underground scene in Mexico.

I caught up with the mad monk in between his DJ gigs and the cutting edge live band, hiphop and electronic music ensembles that √π is renowned for:

INFX: What kind of tunes are you working into your DJ sets at the moment?
Monk Ey: Old Chicago House, House, Disco, Acid And Techno, Basically.

INFX: What do you make of the club scene in Mexico City, And how do you fit in?
Monk Ey: Its Kinda Bizarre. Its Not Merged, Its Not United, Its Not Going Anywhere. Most Of It Are Playing The Same Tracks (Psycho Dubstep @ 160 BPM), It Sucks. Its Difficult To Push The People To Other Style Of Music. Some People Love My Sets, Others Hate Them. 120130 BPM That, For Me, Its The Best.

INFX: Seems like they prefer the Happy Hardcore When was the last time you dropped Acid in a club?
Monk Ey: Actually, A Month Ago. The ResultsEverybody Loves It, Nobody Knows It For Real. When I Play Acid Its When The People Go Nuts Dancing And Screaming Like There Is No Tomorrow, But They Arent Aware Of It. Its Like Acid Is A PartyOnly Music.

INFX: Its a fucken party alright. Finally, though, tell me: Do you know of any mad real cocktail recipes?
‘Monk Ey: Indeed, I Do! A Friend Told Me About Mascara De Gas“, Or In English, “Gas Mask“. Its A Drink With Vodka, Whiskey, Tequila And Fire. They Mix Up All, Put Flames On It And, Keep The Gas In A Glass Upside Down, You Take The Shot And Then, You Breathe All The Gas On The Glass, Then Youre All Dizzy. Ha!

Well, no doubt my man ‘Monk Ey will be busy gettindizzy all weekend. Big Ups to the monk, and stayed tuned for an upcoming exposé on the √π  crew. Meanwhile, heres a sneak peek of Monk Ey and the team in action:

Tom Tom Crew

The Tom Tom Crew present a tourdeforce of hip hop culture, acrobatics, beatboxing and contortionist curiousities that leave you gripping your seat and chanting for more!

Id only just got the chance to see them at The Forum the other night; and the show has been running since the 4th October. It winds up on the 23rd too so there are only a couple of shows left. The crew is headed up by Tom (beatboxer extraordinaire and established graffiti artist). They formed at the 2006 Woodford Folk Festival and became an instant hit. You get the impression that there was a hiphop & breaks crew warming up alongside an acrobatics and trapeze troupe; and they suddenly realisedlets mix both acts together“. Since their inaugural show, the crew have toured globally, from the Adelaide Fringe to Edinburgh, London, New York, Berlin, Taipei, NZ, Belgium, and the Netherlands; as theyve crisscrossed the world in the last 5 years. This is a truly epic performance show, and a lot of fun. If you get the chance, theyre well worth seeing.

MF Doom

The Overlord MC Supremo of Stones Throw Records MF Doom did eventually grace the front room stage at The Espy some 2 weeks ago; after suffering from an unknown ailment across the seas in New Zealand.

And what a show it was! The gig recorded a sellout crowd, with punters elbowing their way amongst each other in order to catch a glimpse of our masked MC hero. The set featured a great list of tracks including Figaro, Sofa King, Americas Most Blunted and many moreincluding 2 encores that sent the crowd nuts.

Im sure all of those heads that attended thought it a great show, from which is compiled the featured video of People, Places, And Things LIVEcourtesy of yours truly. Enjoy.

Public Enemy

Just over a week ago, some friends and I witnessed Public Enemy live (again). Although this concert was a long way from the grand expanse of The Forum in Kentish Town, North London, the gig was rabblerousingly intimate at The Corner hotel in Richmond.
This time round the militia were pumping their tour of 1990s Fear Of A Black Planet. Although they gave the show a lot of effort and their skills were there to thrill it was all too clear in my mind that these guys had long since fallen asleep at the wheel. Or, to be sympathetic: are now well past their prime.
However, they fronted up for over 2 hours and gave us all a thrilling set. Apart from catching Flava Flav lip-syncing every now and then; everything else was overwhelmingly enjoyablethe fresh set list complete with crowd participation, political spiels, guests (including members of 2 Live Crew) and a tight freestyle battle between Chuck D and Flav that pretty much clinched the value of the $90 ticket, or therebouts. Allinall, it was a brilliant show for the diehard fans and certainly no staggering disappointment for the rest of us. And then there were the ageing Aussie homeboys: but that’s another story entirely.