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Asio is interested in image construction and transforming the real, through the use of technology, into personal expression. The process he uses involves taking many photos of a subject, which are then printed via a computer onto a material. Asio mainly prints each photo onto 80100gsm A4/A3 papers, which he then glues to walls. Asio feels, “doing art in the streets is quite handy and fun. By wheat pasting my posters, I am able to explore my ideas in a larger scale, curate my work around the area and get my kicks. More recently I’ve been focused on the concept on ‘Apophenia’, which is the experience of seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data. To do this I’ve been taking photos of fabrics that I had laid out in an arrangement that suited me, with the intent of evoking Apophenia in people in the street.” Asio has no formal education in art. Hes self taught anddoesn’t really know why I started or when I’ll finish.”

Asio is featured in the aMBUSH Gallery show Northern Exposure in Sydney during November.


Stéphanie Martin Petit

Stéphanie was kind enough to offer INFX these words on her online photography exhibition that centres on Barcelonas graffiti scene:

I began taking pictures of graffiti painted on the shutters of Barcelona ten years ago and walk after walk grew this collection.”

To date, with almost 1200 images, I have the evidence that the drawings do not foul shutters or devalue the city but give colour, life and uniqueness. Day life is going to sleep and get up the pictures of the night, giving light and personality to our streets. Showing these photos around the world is a tribute to Barcelonas great artists and their talent. It is also a pacific scream towards the Barcelona administration; hoping that the law regarding the graffiti will be removed.”

You can view the online exhibition here:


From the massive Spanish crew TBC and hailing from Madrid, this is one writer that has continued to evolve epic styles. SPOK found his feet on the rail lines during the 90s and was burning hard, up until around05 when he muscled in on the Fine Arts set. Ever since, SPOK has made inroads onto the international scene with varied forms and magnificent aerosol algorithyms. See for yoself:

Street Dreams 2012

After its success in 2011, the urban art festival Street Dreams returned to Adelaide in March of 2012 to showcase and celebrate local street artists and their work. The festival is run entirely through the work of volunteers to put together two days full of events centred on appreciating urban art forms and, most of all, having fun with it. Events included street art tours, workshops, mural painting, aPimp My TShirtparty and the famousDumpster Biennale“.

Precede Pictures have put together this short film documenting the highlights of the festival:

FruitJam (Narcoze)

Narcoze is a European street artist from Holland. His techniques ranges from illustrative to aersolbased endeavours. Much of his work references escapism and works inspired by the way people try to escape their own reality. We recently hit Narcoze up on the FruitJam production he formulated and participated in; alongside fellow Euro street artists and graffers including Edo Rath, Simian Switch, Klik, Ominous, 524, Amik, CES53, Bust, and Sivanksi among others.

INFX: What got the FruitJam project started?
Narcoze: Mutual friends just got together to paint at this place called LerenDoen which literally means learning, doing. So its a place where teenagers learn skills, when otherwise they might not have a chance to learn these things. Keepsem off the streets and not turn into thugs and graffiti writers [😉]

INFX: How did the artists relate to each other?
Narcoze: Most of us know each other from the graffiti or street art scene, even though they are very different from each other theres still a bond which will bring us together to paint at spots like these.

INFX: Do you have any future collabs on the horizon?
Narcoze: Not anything big planned at the moment but we try to get together in the weekends and just paint as often as we can. Good to get the juices flowing.

INFX: Whats special about the graff scene in Europe?
Narcoze: I think the most important thing that stands out in European graff is that people from all over europe can easily meet up with each other and learn from each others style.

Thanks to Narcoze for allowing time to give us the wordup on the FruitJam project. Check the video:


Klara is quite lovely: easy going with a cando attitude. And do she doesyou will witness Klaras pasteups all over town: often without realising it is her handiwork. But there is no missing the quality of her exploits, and this West Australian natives quest to make her art happen here in Melbourne. Klara was happy to meet me in the studio last week to interview herself with the aid of some supermaxxed up technology bonuses. Check it out:

Iepe Rubingh

Iepe Rubingh is a Dutch installation and performance artist. He currently lives and works in Berlin and has been a practicing artist for just over a decade. Hes renowned for his The Joker Performances whereby he has shut down and disrupted traffic at busy intersections around the world. One such production caused traffic gridlock in Tokyo; for which he receieved a jail sentence of 10 days (which he had no choice but to serve). Below is a video from his 2010 Painting Reality series. In this video some 500 Litres of waterbased (nonSolvent) paint is splashed over the Rosenthaler Platz in central Berlin. The resulting artwork serves as both a nod to Action Painters such as Jackson Pollock; but also invokes questions about the environment. However, despite itsovert political overtones; this artwork is splendid to view: