Sainkho Namtchylak

The perculiar and engrossing, soothingly gutural, Throat Music mastered supremely by Namtchylak will leave you captivated. Her orchestra of the heart emanates from traditional music of the widely unknown, Russianoccupied, selfgoverned country that is Tuva. Having developed the song of the ancient Urghers in tandem with localised Siberian nomadic and Turkic tradition, her vocal merits brought her to Moscow; and then to widespread Western recognition. Namtchylak has, in the last decade, resided in Vienna and continues to mesmerise audiences in Eurasia and beyond; headlining Hungary’s OZORA festival in August. This “woman from the Steppes” has received critical acclaim for her (often collaborative) efforts on 30 released albums to date. The contemporary Stepmother City might be interpreted as an intellectual Bjork construct: but without the mise en scène.

from: Stepmother City