Sainkho Namtchylak

The perculiar and engrossing, soothingly gutural, Throat Music mastered supremely by Namtchylak will leave you captivated. Her orchestra of the heart emanates from traditional music of the widely unknown, Russianoccupied, selfgoverned country that is Tuva. Having developed the song of the ancient Urghers in tandem with localised Siberian nomadic and Turkic tradition, her vocal merits brought her to Moscow; and then to widespread Western recognition. Namtchylak has, in the last decade, resided in Vienna and continues to mesmerise audiences in Eurasia and beyond; headlining Hungary’s OZORA festival in August. This “woman from the Steppes” has received critical acclaim for her (often collaborative) efforts on 30 released albums to date. The contemporary Stepmother City might be interpreted as an intellectual Bjork construct: but without the mise en scène.

from: Stepmother City


Music Nerdism Part 1

The quest to be taken seriously.

When I was a kid, my best friend and I would get together and listen to records, tapes and cds at her tiny Houston, TX suburban home after school. Yes, we did listen to that Iron Butterfly drum solo for Inagaddadavida.” Yes, we did play Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven backwards.  We experimented. Music was so important to the shaping of our lives from that point onward. We werent just listening to her dads vintage collection of classic rock vinyls either. Those, my friends, were the fundamentals to music. We were staying up all night to watch MTV back when music was still a basic cable commodity and the internet was the wild west essentially a burgeoning frontier But we’ll get to that later.

“Empty-Vee” now differs so much to what used to exist back then. For one, it had plenty of real music programming.  Late nights were filled with music of all persuasions ranging from riot grrl, punk, hardcore, avant garde, trip hop and much, much more. King Missile, Green Jello, Sonic Youth, Faith No More, Portishead, Sex Pistols, Built to Spill, Etc.  The world of music was rich with opportunity. Now you couldn’t find a music video if your life depended on it The Buggles wisely warned us of these problems.  “Video Killed the Radio Star“, ironically, is covered by one of the shittiest country music singers I’ve ever heard.  I wont bother to name names in this case, but FUCK!  Way to anally rape our revolution and pour sugar down the creative gas tank.  The fact that I cant escape that music because I’m shopping in the grocery store makes me want to claw the stock boy’s eyes out, screaming obscenities like a crazy cat lady.

Clean Clean by The Buggles.

-DJ Moshi Moshi