Blue Movie


In the context of cinema, blue walls are inevitably associated with theblue
screen roomand thechroma key effect’ – subjects are recorded in front of a blue
background later to be replaced during postproduction. Blue Movie subverts this
process by concentrating on the materiality of the walls, and therefore disrupting
the illusory effect associated with theblue screen’. Payne discharges a vision of
degradation in which blockbuster escapismcastaway tigers, Ninja Turtles and
James Franco in funny hatsis replaced with the presentness (and perhaps the
bleakness) ofreality’. However, a more sophisticated critique lies in the way in
which it communicates to cinematic video art practices and their relationship to
the art complexa communion crystallised by the emergence of the black cube.
This syncretism remains a highly contested ground, with a blend of various art
historicalwormsand a myriad of filmiccorpsesfertilizing the land.
It may be hard to tell if Jackson Paynes Blue Movie is rotting, sprouting or perhaps
mutating, but his enthusiastic references to mortality bring late Syd Barretts No
Mans Land lyrics to mind: “When I live I die!”.

BLUE MOVIE is at Kings ARI until May 23 at Level 1 / 171 King Street Melbourne

From the essay Jackson Payne and the dematerialization of cinema by Diego Ramirez


From the massive Spanish crew TBC and hailing from Madrid, this is one writer that has continued to evolve epic styles. SPOK found his feet on the rail lines during the 90s and was burning hard, up until around05 when he muscled in on the Fine Arts set. Ever since, SPOK has made inroads onto the international scene with varied forms and magnificent aerosol algorithyms. See for yoself:

Dire Straits (Walk of Life)

Dire Straits is the most iconoclast 80s band; particularly in regard to a Pommy cockrockinnew wave genre. The founding members, Knopler brothers Mark & Dave, musically constructed their claim to the advent of the 80sperhaps contenders as the continental mirror of a prepubescent Talking Heads. Walk Of Life first appeared on the UK Single for So Far Away; the acclaimed seminal track from the Brothers In Arms album. However, the tracks upbeat popblues  appeal was such that Walk Of Life is itself became so renowned as to warrant its own music video; partly shot in the London Underground:

The introduction to this track dispels, though, the inferiority of the musical production values employed by Dire Straits. Although we must, authenticallyevaluate the Straits as a fantastic pop music achievement: it must be said that their simplistic and characteristic 145 arrangements epotimise their drab rhythmic endeavours.


A nightly ensemble of Video Art featuring:

Screenings in the theatrette between 6pm 9pm
at LONG PLAY 318 St Georges Rd, Nth Fitzroy.

BIVOUAC ONE: Tues 1st, Wed 2nd and Thur 3rd MAY
BIVOUAC TWO: Mon 7th, Tue 8th and Wed 9th MAY

These visually stunning works explore cultural & sociopolitical philosophies, the built environment, and the singular protest.
Please come down and enjoy yourself in comfortable surrounds.

Street Dreams 2012

After its success in 2011, the urban art festival Street Dreams returned to Adelaide in March of 2012 to showcase and celebrate local street artists and their work. The festival is run entirely through the work of volunteers to put together two days full of events centred on appreciating urban art forms and, most of all, having fun with it. Events included street art tours, workshops, mural painting, aPimp My TShirtparty and the famousDumpster Biennale“.

Precede Pictures have put together this short film documenting the highlights of the festival:

The Discipline of Loving You (Diego Ramirez)

Hurrythere is but 3 days left to check out Discipline at the RMIT School of Art Gallery.

Video and Mixed Media artist Diego Ramirez (Mexico) presents a titillating account of the physical and emotional construct pertaining to the female form in contemporary society. This ultrastylish and mesmerising video also invites the discerning viewer into the realm of fantasy. It offers a reflection on what you might agree is a stiletto tableau of appearance, love, and dependence in a world where the superficial reigns over that of the intellectual. The video is an almost pornographic exploit; displayed on 2 channel projections almost 10 feet high. Recommended for over18s only.

The Discipline of Loving You until 16th March: Building 2, Level 2 RMIT, Bowen St. City.