Harvest Festival 2012

This Saturday the Collingwood housing estate is staging the 2012 Collingwood Harvest Festival, located adjacent the housing commission towers in Harmsworth Park, rear of 229253 Hoddle Street. The festival is free and there are some great bands lined up, with free bbq and many activities to check out.
The festival marks the harvesting of the vegtables that are grown in the Harmsworth Gardens, by the local community. It has been running since 2001 and attracts crowds of up to 2000 people, annually. The festival offers an array of multicultural activities and foods that span all 5 continents. The festival culminates in dancing and theatrical processions, and ends with an enormous fire sculpture spectacle. Join the event on Facebook and share it around!
2012 Collingwood Harvest Festival: This Saturday, 31st March 3pm-7pm. All welcome.