Craig Dermody @ TCB Gallery

Mr. Dermody shares a couple of qualities with his art: notably, that he is quite jovial and also of the sun-bronzed skin colouration. However, the similarities end there. I was able to catch Craig down at Chinatown’s TCB Gallery in Waratah Place, on the day after the night before. He tells me the opening night gala kick-off was an excellent triumph; and with half a bottle of cleanskin red at his table, he was contemplating a return to the taste of last night’s success.

Craig is a self-taught artist, has had “no formal education” and as a result his works are both unique and free-flowing. His use of kitsch pictures as the background for his work is commendable but not so much as his painting onto holograms -definitely something to check. TCB Gallery is an Artist Run Initiative (ARI), which translates as a gallery space for young up-and-coming artists; operated by the artists themselves. Craig tells me his PR secret agent has worked tirelessly with him to provide exposure for his shows and that TCB was also instrumental in drumming up the opening night crowd.

……………………..And now -The Interview:

-Rock The Boat


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