Jedi Mind Tricks

The embodiment of the early 21st century hiphop movement, Jedi Mind Tricks, hit Melbourne on Friday 9th December at Billboard.

The group comprises Philadelphia’s DJ Kwestion, Vinnie Paz and Jus Allah from New Jerseyoften alongside artists such as Percee P, GZA, Ill Bill in various collaborations in their Army of the Pharoahs. Jedi Mind Tricks are touring Australia for the first time everto promote their latest Violence Begets Violence release. The group formed in 1996; with The PsychoSocial EPwhilst hitting rap battles and gigs on the U.S. East Coast. But they did not achieve widespread success until Jus Allah returned to the group (after quitting in 1999), to record their 2006 hit The Rebuilding, and 2008 album A History of Violence (a musthave for any hiphop enthusiast). This is one show you do not want to miss, so as usual youd best be advised to buy a fucken ticket!


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